Matrix Services

What is Matrix?

Matrix is an open standard for decentralised real-time communication. It can be used for group chats, personal messaging, and even video calls.

How do I use Matrix?

To use the Matrix system, you need a server and a client. provides a server and a web-based client, but you can connect to the Matrix server from any Matrix client anywhere in the world.

Server Details


Register your account through your Matrix client.

If you have trouble connecting to the server, you can use the public URL of the server:


Web-based client:

Android client: via Play Store | via F-Droid

iOS client: via App Store

Set up your client

Set Up Your Client

Get Started

When you open Element for the first time, you'll be greeted with the "Get started" screen. Click the "Get started" button to continue.

Select Server

To join the server, on the "Select a server" screen you will need to click the "Other" option.

Custom Server

Once you have select the "Other" option, you will need to enter the name of the Matrix server, which is simply ""

Sign Up

Once Element has verified that the server exists and is running, you'll be given the option to either sign up or sign in. Click on the Sign Up button if you don't already have an account.

Username & Password

To set up your account on the Matrix server, you need to set your username (or handle), as well as a password. Click next to continue.

Set Email Address

To combat spammers and bots, you need to enter your e-mail address. You e-mail address is only used to verify your account.

Verify Email

Once you've entered your e-mail address, you'll need to go to your e-mail and click on the link to verify your e-mail address. Once you've done that, you can come back to Element.

Direct Messages

Once you've verified your e-mail address, Element will log you in, and you'll be presented with the Direct Messages screen. This is where your messages with other users will show up. To get to the Rooms, where group discussion is happening, click on the grey hash or pound symbol at the bottom of the screen.


By default, you are subscribed to the General room on the server. To find more rooms, click on the "Add Room" button (on Android it is the floating green button).

Browse Rooms

The Browse Rooms screen will show you all the public rooms on the server. If you already know the address of a room, just type it in at the top and join that room.